Monday, September 23, 2013

Love More

I watched a video recently that had a collaboration of different people speaking up for a cause, and I noticed this logo in one of the girls' backgrounds. It had a heart, and next to it, the words "is my religion." Basically, "Love is my religion." And I started thinking that maybe this isn't such a bad motto to live by.

I did what any other person taken by curiosity would do and did some research. The quote may have come from a Ziggy Marley song "Love is my religion" where he basically says religions aside, we should all just love one another as fellow human beings.
Instantly, this became my new life motto.

Everyone goes through difficult times; life experiences differ from person to person, but the one common element that we can all share is love, and from that love, respect. How much easier and more positive could our lives be if we stopped fussing over petty differences? No, We're not guaranteed to get along with everyone in the world, but we can lay out a common ground of mutual respect by saying to ourselves, "I may not get along with this person, but I will respect him/her because we're all in this life journey together." 

Sure, we may disagree with others sometimes - or even a lot of the times - but if we make it clear that our differences in opinion won't dictate the level of respect we have for people or even how we treat other people, our lives will be so much more enriched. We'll develop seemingly unlikely acquaintances that may blossom into lifelong friendships, a better understanding of other people and other cultures, and a better taste of what life can offer us.

So, in this week's challenge to living positively, let's try to be understanding of others and reach out by giving love to those who might have been unlikely to receive love from us.

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