Friday, September 20, 2013

What is Life+?

Hello, and welcome to the first post on this blog. Before I go into explaining Life+, I want to first explain a little about me.

1. This is not my first blog! By no means is this anywhere close to my first blog. In the past, I've dabbled a little in writing poetry, stories, and other life-related things. But, due to poor organizational skills - among other reasons - I've now either forgotten about these blogs or how to access them. Oops.

2. My most recent blog is under my +Kris Vlogz  name, Kristazzi. There, I've - more or less - successfully taken on the 30 Day Blog Challenge and the YouTuber Challenge, which provides the bulk of my posts, along with various other ramblings and musings along the way. I take a sort of pride in that blog because it has given me so much motivation and has helped me develop part of the writing style you see today.

3. Although I wouldn't consider myself a YouTuber, per se, I do occasionally film a couple vlogs on YouTube. I have three channels so far (explaining why I have three would take too much time): Kristazzi, KristazziTV, and KrisVlogz. However, I currently plan to switch over my KristazziTV channel to my original Kristazzi channel.

4. The reason I want to be so honest with you is because, as a blog that's devoted to life, becoming a more positive person, and living to the fullest, I feel that it's necessary to be open about my own life.

Hopefully, over the next several posts, I'll give a better understanding of why I want to start this blog series.

Now, what is Life+? Life+ ("Life Plus" or "Life Positive," depending on the context) is a project series of mine that allows us to sort of walk through life together. I am not a professional in any way; I'm just an average person who has been through a number of things and has learned a bit along the way. Some of my future posts will be advice-related and others will be musings about why things are the way they are. However, 100% of these posts are of my opinion. Whether or not it has any validity is entirely up to you.

Feel free to join me on this little journey of mine and, perhaps, we can figure this thing called "life" out together. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments or contact me on any of the sites listed below. Visit my Tumblr page for the option to ask anonymously.

Until next time, 
stay Life+

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